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Statement From Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay On Judge Hector LaSalle

“The nomination of a new chief judge of the state Court of Appeals is a historic and significant event. It’s unfortunate that Senate Majority Conference turned it into an embarrassing example of woke dysfunction.

Judge Hector LaSalle deserved a fair and objective process rather than the political sideshow that played out during the past several weeks. Liberal senators summarily dismissed Judge LaSalle’s candidacy based solely on political ideology before they even gave him the courtesy of a hearing or interview. The very makeup of the Senate Judiciary Committee was arbitrarily changed, stacking the deck and rigging the process against Judge LaSalle despite his stellar reputation and distinguished career.

Judges are expected to adjudicate cases based on the law, not political ideology. The process to nominate and confirm those judges demands the same level of objectivity and rationality. Senate legislators in charge completely failed to meet that basic standard. Regardless of where Judge LaSalle’s nomination goes from here, he – and the people of New York – deserved better.”