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For Release: IMMEDIATELY, March 27, 2020
Supporting Our Community Heroes, Helping Our Local Businesses Plays Important Role in Responding to Covid-19
Legislative Column from Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay

The impact COVID-19 is having on our daily lives is unprecedented. Its reach has touched every part of our communities and the totality of its effect on the world remains to be seen. The state Department of Health, as of Friday morning, reported 44,635 confirmed cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, including 7,377 new cases today.

For some, managing the fear of the unknown and changing habits and behavior is daunting. One thing that cannot be disputed, however, is our ability to come together in times of need. We are seeing examples of true bravery in our healthcare workers who are in direct contact with the disease. Without them, we would be unable to combat and control the outbreak.

Many of our small businesses have remained open to serve those closest to them, and those with a spirit of ingenuity have reconfigured their operations to help provide much-needed supplies and resources. These acts represent the best of what makes our communities so strong, and I am proud of our efforts to weather this storm.


While most are following the recommended social distancing guidelines, healthcare professionals, first responders, grocery store and pharmacy workers, truck drivers moving goods across the country and countless others continue to provide essential services.

These individuals come in daily contact with the public. I encourage you to pause a moment and appreciate how difficult it is for these essential employees — for that’s truly what they are — to continue coming into work, day after day. When you can, extend your appreciation, say “thank you” and most of all, just be patient and kind.


In these economically devastating and socially uncertain times, we are seeing individuals and organizations stepping up to help in countless ways. From children’s rainbow chalk drawings offering hope, to those donating their time to deliver needed bags of food, to companies reconfiguring their manufacturing process to make much needed supplies, we are witnessing people selflessly reprioritize their time and energy to help their neighbors at every turn.

Businesses have donated critical personal protective equipment (PPE) to first responders. Restaurants and families have brought food to emergency personnel and healthcare workers on the front lines. Schools and food banks are working hard to keep people fed and local shops are offering free meals to those on the front lines. In the midst of crisis, a sense of community and willingness to help offers the silver-lining we so desperately need.

For all of us – individuals, employees and businesses – access to accurate information is a critical part of managing the impacts of COVID-19. In order to provide a convenient collection of tools available to assist you, please take a look at Assembly Minority Resource Guide. This compilation of resources and online information may help you, or someone you know, find answers to a number of questions.

In these uncertain times, I am confident the will and spirit of New Yorkers will prevail. I encourage each of you to continue to use best-practices for public health and safety and adhere to the guidance being provided by health officials.

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