Assembly Reports


SFY 2006-07 Legislative Initiatives

2006 Annual Report of the NYS Assembly Standing Committee on Transportation

2006 Annual Report of the NYS Assembly Standing Committee on Local Governments

SFY 2006-07 Legislative Initiatives

SFY 2005-06 Legislative Initiatives

SFY 2004-05 Legislative Initiatives

SFY 2003-04 Legislative Initiatives

The Lower Manhattan Economy

Delaying Necessities Denying Needs - An Assembly Investigation of New York State's Handling of Medicaid Durable Medical Equipment Claims

Report of the Subcommittee on Higher Education for SFY 2006-2007

Final Report on New York City Emergency Response and Evacuation Plans in the Event of a Weather-Related Emergency

An Evaluation of Welfare Reform Policy in New York State

2006-2007 Assembly Budget Resolution

New York State Assembly Revenue Report - February 2006

New York State Assembly Economic Report - February 2006

Legislative Report from the NYS Assembly Committee on Economic Development

A Special Report from the New York State Assembly Committee on Local Governments

Vapor Intrusion of Toxic Chemicals: An Emerging Public Health Concern

2006 Yellow Book

2006-07 Budget Hearing Notice

Schedule of Legislative Public Hearings on 2006-07 Executive Budget Proposal