Assemblymember Cahill Calls 2011 a Banner Year for Energy Policy in New York State

In 2011, New York made historic progress on energy policy, and Assembly Energy Committee Chair Kevin Cahill (D - Ulster, Dutchess) negotiated the passage of landmark legislation designed to promote job growth and private investment, strengthen environmental protections and spur the development of clean energy.

“We took a huge leap forward this year by reaching major bipartisan agreements on key energy issues that had been held up for years,” said Assemblymember Cahill. “These measures are going to create jobs, improve the environment and further New York’s position as a national leader in energy innovation.”


  • Power Plant Siting (Article X) – New York has gone without a power plant siting law for nearly a decade. This measure strikes an appropriate balance between protecting public health and the environment while giving industry the certainty they need to develop new clean power plants. It also creates strict air quality standards and provides funding for community participation.
  • Green Jobs Green New York On Bill Recovery - Homeowners and small businesses can now obtain upfront financing to lower energy costs without increasing their monthly expenses through a practice known as “on bill recovery.”
  • Recharge New York – A new initiative designed to help businesses meet their energy needs in the most efficient manner possible. The permanent program will provide low cost economic development power to responsible employers across the state in return for enforceable commitments to job creation targets, capital investments and energy efficiency improvements.

“I am very proud of what we accomplished this year and I look forward to building on that progress in 2012. We still have many challenges ahead. Passage of the Solar Jobs Act, full implementation of Green Jobs Green New York and repowering old, inefficient power plants are top energy priorities for the coming session,” Cahill concluded.