Assembly Holds First Hearing on Potential Closure of Indian Point Energy Center

Committees gather evidence on scenarios that will allow for Indian Point to be shut down without impacting electricity reliability

Albany – The Assembly Committee on Energy and the Committee on Corporations, Authorities and Commissions held their first hearing on plans for the potential closure of the Indian Point Energy Center. After more than six hours of testimony by expert witnesses the hearing was recessed for the purposes of gathering additional data and information on the facility and the planning process for the eventual retirement of the nuclear plant.

“Yesterday’s hearing clearly demonstrated that with proper planning there are a number of scenarios that could allow Indian Point to be shut down without unduly burdening New York’s ratepayers or electric system,” said Assemblymember Kevin Cahill, Chair of the Assembly Committee on Energy. “We are going to continue to collect and analyze information on the many important issues raised during the hearing with the full intent of reconvening in the near future.”

"Clearly there are economic, electric capacity and regulatory options available to the State within a reasonable time to provide for the replacement of Indian Point's capacity," said Assemblymember James Brennan, Chair of the Assembly Committee on Corporations, Authorities and Commissions.

Members of the Committees questioned representatives of the Department of Public Service, the New York Independent System Operator, Consolidated Edison, the City of New York and the Entergy Corporation. Two energy consulting firms that recently released competing studies examining the impact of Indian Point’s closure also presented their findings.

The Committees will analyze the hearing transcript, review written comments and request additional information from Entergy and others before issuing a preliminary report on their findings next month. That document will be used as the basis for additional hearings on the matter.