Assembly Energy Chair Kevin Cahill on the PSC Action Regarding Indian Point

Albany – Assemblymember Kevin A. Cahill (D-Ulster, Dutchess) released the following statement on the Public Service Commission’s actions regarding Indian Point Energy Center:

“The directive of the Public Service Commission to Consolidated Edison to begin preparations for the closure of Indian Point is prudent at every level.

“Whether re-licensure is granted by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, there are still significant issues surrounding the issuance of permits by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation. Further, even if the plant owners are able to secure state permits as well, there remains the serious and relevant question of whether they will choose to continue to operate the facility when faced with the legitimate costs of meeting modern water quality standards.

“At an Assembly hearing conducted jointly by the Committees on Corporations (Chair James Brennan) and Energy, we concluded that with adequate preparation, existing capacity and immediately planned improvements to the grid would be more than adequate to fill any generating capacity lost by the closure of Indian Point. We cautioned, however, that measures must be taken immediately to assure that would happen. The Public Service Commission and the Independent System Operator, along with Consolidated Edison and representatives of Indian Point, participated in that hearing.

“It is through long term and comprehensive planning that we will secure New York's energy future. This action by the PSC is a step in that direction.”