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A10721 Summary:

SPONSORRules (Ortiz)
COSPNSRSilver, Weisenberg, Paulin, Cymbrowitz, Abinanti, Gabryszak, Kearns, Rivera P, Jaffee, Boyland, Barrett, Benedetto, Cahill, Clark, Colton, Cook, Englebright, Farrell, Galef, Malliotakis, Mayer, Millman, Montesano, Reilly, Rosenthal, Russell, Ryan, Titone, Weprin, Zebrowski
Rpld Art 45, S13.34 sub 2, S16.13 sub (b), amd Ment Hyg L, generally; amd S1.20, CP L; amd SS401 & 401-a, Cor L; amd S2994-m, Pub Health L; amd S677, County L; rpld S412-a, S422 sub 4 (A) sub (r), subs 10 & 11, SS424-c & 424-d, amd Soc Serv L, generally; amd Ed L, generally; amd S1229-d, V & T L; amd S845-b, add Art 20 SS550 - 562, Exec L; amd SS240.50, 130.05, 260.25, add S260.24, Pen L; amd SS1-4, Chap 606 of 2011; rpld Chap 6 of 2012
Enacts the "protection of people with special needs act"; enacts various provisions for the protection of persons in state operated and licensed facilities from abuse, neglect and mistreatment; establishes the justice center for the protection of people with special needs.
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