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A11696 Summary:

SPONSORRules (Canestrari)
Provides basic annual salary increases for certain employees; clarifies eligibility for such general salary increases for certain employees; provides location compensation for employees whose principal place of employment is in certain areas; provides a one time advance to basic annual salary for employees who hold a continuing or permanent appointment, or at least a second five year term appointment under Article XI, Title A of the policies of the State University Board of Trustees; continues inconvenience pay at an increased level from $500 to $550 to certain employees; authorizes the Chancellor of the State University and the Director of Employee Relations to withhold any of the compensation increases, if appropriate; provides for the payment and publication of grievance and arbitration settlements and awards pursuant to the collectively negotiated agreement; authorizes contributions to employee dependent care accounts in amounts and for the time periods specified by the applicable collectively negotiated agreements.
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