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A11697 Summary:

SPONSORRules (Destito)
COSPNSRTocci, Silver, Eddington, Aubertine, John, Magnarelli, Bradley, Brown, Cahill, Cusick, DelMonte,Karben, Koon, Magee, McDonald, McEneny, Nesbitt, Paulin
Amd SS601 & 669-a, Ed L; amd SS301-b, 308-a, 308-b & 210, Mil L; amd S354-b, Exec L; amd SS696,612 & 1116, add S27, Tax L; amd S11-0715, En Con L
Relates to certain benefits for members of the armed forces; amends the definition of children in the education law; relates to the waiver of professional continuing education requirements and the extension of license, certificate or registration; provides tuition awards for certain Afghanistan veterans; relates to the New York state supplemental burial allowance for certain members of the armed forces; relates to income taxes for members of the armed forces and terrorist attacks; suspends the tax-exempt status of terrorist organizations; permits the reemployment of retired members of public retirement systems by local governments upon military activation of employees.
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