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A11768 Summary:

SPONSORRules (Sweeney)
COSPNSRFarrell, Koon, DelMonte, Bradley, Bing, Lancman, Cymbrowitz, Jaffee, Rosenthal, Lafayette, Lupardo, Millman, Peoples, Galef, Zebrowski K, Dinowitz, John, Stirpe, Schimel, Destito, Weisenberg, Pheffer, Kavanagh, Abbate, Brennan, Christensen, Diaz R, Latimer, Lifton, Magnarelli, Rivera P, Weinstein
Amd S21, add SS171-r & 171-s, Tax L; amd S27-1419, add SS27-1435 & 27-1420, En Con L; amd S970-r, Gen Muni L; rpld Part VV-1, Chap 57 of 2008; rpld Part H S32, Chap 1 of 2003
Relates to the brownfield cleanup program; relates to a brownfield redevelopment tax credit; relates to certificates of completion for the brownfield cleanup program; establishes the New York brownfields advisory board; relates to a brownfield credit report; relates to a brownfield cleanup program report; relates to excluding acquisition costs of items that received a credit; relates to the transfer of the brownfield opportunity area program; relates to determination on tax exempt status.
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