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A00159 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the transportation, economic development and environmental conservation budget for the 2009-2010 state fiscal year; extends the department of transportations single audit program; provides the annual authorization for the CHIPS and Marchiselli programs; extends the suspension of drivers licenses pending prosecution for certain alcohol related offenses an additional two years; extends the suspension/revocation of drivers licenses for certain drug-related offenses an additional two years; extends authorization to pay department of motor vehicle costs from the dedicated highway and bridge trust fund; increases various driver license fees and registration and related fees; reissuance of license plates; eliminates the one hundred dollar cap on surcharges for equipment and certain moving violations with two or more convictions arising out of the same incident; extends provisions relating to the motor vehicle financial security act; conforms NYS motor vehicle provisions with federal requirements governing operation of commercial motor vehicles; provides fees for each book of prelicensing course completion certificates provided to driving schools; modifies the dedicated highway and bridge trust fund reporting requirements; extends certain revenues to the dedicated highway and bridge trust fund and the mass transportation operating assistance fund; increases food inspection penalties for violations which represent a risk to public health; extends the funds distribution formula for the community services block grant program; reduces the amount of real estate transfer tax revenue deposited into the environmental protection fund; authorizes and directs the comptroller to deposit to the general fund certain monies from the state energy and research development authority; assesses a fee upon the entry of a horse in NYS pari-mutuel races; makes permanent the general loan powers of the NYSUDC; authorizes the NYSERDA to finance a portion of its research, development and demonstration and policy and planning programs from assessments on gas and electric corporations; requires an appropriation for each fiscal year that reflects the value of assets transferred from NYPA to the state pursuant to an MOU between the NYPA and the state; authorizes the battery city park authority to make contributions to the state treasury; authorizes the NYSUDC to make contributions to the state treasury; increases a bond issuance charge; eliminates the Northeastern Queens nature and historical preserve commission; eliminates the Hudson River greenway communities council and Hudson River valley greenway heritage conservancy and transfer liabilities, assets and responsibilities of the greenway, council and heritage conservancy to the department of state; increases food safety inspection and licensing fees and requires the licensure of seed labelers and distributors; increases certain state pollution discharge elimination system fees; hunting/fishing and trapping licenses; establishes a recreational marine fishing license; increases the utility assessment cap imposed by section 18-A of the public service law; establishes a temporary state energy and utility service conservation assessment and authorizes aggregate energy purchases for state agencies and other entities by the NYPA; increases the civil penalty for repair shops, inspections stations, certified inspectors and automobile dealers; increases the license termination fee, the license reinstatement fee and scofflaw termination fee; dedicates the local share of state receipts from the gaming facility in Erie county and changes the distribution of tribal-state compact revenues for the city of Niagara Falls; extends the authority of the secretary of state to charge increased fees for expedited handling of documents; expands the state's "bottle bill" to include additional beverage containers; clarifies the authority of the office of parks, recreation and historic preservation relating to future sales of merchandise, goods, commodities and food service items; recovers the cost of centralized state services provided on behalf of industrial development agencies; imposes fees related to certain activities conducted by department of taxation and finance and prohibits tax return preparers and software companies from charging separately for electronic filing of NY tax documents; provides that expenses of the public service education program incurred pursuant to appropriations from the cable television account shall be expenses of the department of public service; establishes the healthy food/healthy community initiatives; provides for pesticide applicators fees and registration; provides for mind land reclamation fees; provides for wetland permit fees; provides for operating permit program; provides for water withdrawal reporting; provides for mandatory surcharge on certain environmental offenses; provides for NYSUDC to submit a comprehensive financial plan to the director of the budget and establishing accounts and subaccounts within the treasury of the UDC.
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