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A02235 Summary:

SPONSORWeinstein (MS)
COSPNSRSmith, Paulin, Bradley, Norman
MLTSPNSRCanestrari, Christensen, Englebright, Galef, Gantt, Glick, Gottfried, Green, Hikind, Hooper, Hoyt,Jacobs, John, Lopez, Magee, McEneny, O'Donnell, Pheffer, Scarborough, Stringer, Sweeney, Titus,Tonko
Amd Fam Ct Act, generally; amd SS530.11 & 530.12, CP L
Provides that orders of protection may be entered against any member of the same family or household; expands the definition of "members of the same family or household", for purposes of issuance of orders of protection and temporary orders of protection and the concurrent jurisdiction of family courts and criminal courts, to former spouse whether or not living together and unrelated persons who continually or at regular intervals reside in the same household or have done so in the past, and persons who are or have been in a dating or intimate relationship whether or not they have ever lived together.
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