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A02294 Summary:

SAME ASNo same as
COSPNSRWeisenberg, Jaffee, Galef, Hennessey, Englebright, Lavine, Thiele, Paulin, Zebrowski, Abinanti, Skoufis, Buchwald, Titone, Scarborough, Kellner, Jacobs, Skartados, Ramos, Cook, Cahill, Schimel, Hooper, Cusick, Weprin, Miller
MLTSPNSRClark, Curran, Garbarino, Lifton, Millman, Perry, Raia, Saladino
Amd S11.00, Loc Fin L
Enacts the "Hurricane Sandy assessment relief act" authorizing eligible municipalities to provide assessment relief for property which was catastrophically damaged by Hurricane Sandy.
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