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A02326 Summary:

COSPNSRPheffer, Colton, Cook, Koon, Gordon, Nolan, Galef, Hooper, Rosenthal, Maisel, Schroeder, Weisenberg, Schimel, Christensen, Spano, Ortiz, Castro, Gibson, Fields, Miller M
MLTSPNSRBacalles, Ball, Barra, Burling, Calhoun, Gabryszak, Kolb, Magee, Markey, Mayersohn, McEneny, McKevitt, Miller J, Millman, Montesano, Raia, Reilly, Saladino, Sayward, Skartados, Tobacco
Add S349-d, Gen Bus L
Prohibits the selling, offering for sale or distribution of any electrical or extension cords with fraudulent seals for the Underwriters' Laboratory; authorizes local code enforcement entities to enforce the provisions of the section; provides that for the first of this section, a one hundred dollar fine shall be issued and such person shall attend a training seminar on how to identify false underwriters laboratory labels and increases fines for the second or more offenses of this section; provides that a training component shall be created and provided by the office of fire prevention and control and shall be made available on its website.
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