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A02674 Summary:

COSPNSRSilver, Farrell, Glick, Pretlow, Wright, Bing, O'Donnell, Rosenthal, Jeffries, Spano, Latimer, Aubry, Rivera P, Moya, Rodriguez, Rivera N, Gibson, Castro, Jacobs, Camara, Scarborough, Kavanagh, Linares, Boyland
MLTSPNSRAbinanti, Arroyo, Benedetto, Brook-Krasny, Colton, Cymbrowitz, DenDekker, Dinowitz, Gottfried, Jaffee, Kellner, Lancman, Lentol, Maisel, Meng, Millman, Perry, Robinson, Stevenson, Titus, Weprin
Amd SS26-408, 26-511, 26-504, 26-405, 26-403, 26-403.1, 26-504.1 & 26-504.3, rpld S26-403 sub e 2 sub (k) & S26-504.2, NYC Ad Cd; amd SS10, 5, 6 & 5-a, rpld S5 sub a 13, Emerg Ten Prot Act of 1974; amd SS5, 1, 17, 4, 2 & 2-a, rpld S2 sub 2 (n), Emerg Hous Rent Cont L; amd S2, Chap 329 of 1963; amd S10, Chap 555 of 1982; amd S4, Chap 402 of 1983; amd S46, Chap 116 of 1997; amd S171-b, Tax L
Relates to rent regulation; relates to recovery of certain housing accommodations by a landlord; relates to the declaration of emergencies for certain rental housing accommodations; extends certain provisions of law relating to rent regulation; relates to the adjustment of maximum allowable rent; relates to vacancy decontrol; relates to extending the length of time over which major capital improvement expenses may be recovered.
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