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A02701 Summary:

COSPNSRFinch, Katz, Brabenec, Saladino
MLTSPNSRButler, Hawley, Johns, Lawrence
Add S1307, RPT L; add S25 & Art 2-A S26, amd S33, Gen Muni L; add S52-a, Leg L; amd Ed L, generally; amd SS365-a & 368-a, Soc Serv L; add Art 4-B SS57 - 59, Exec L; add S742, amd S740, Lab L; add S190.73, Pen L; amd SS211 & 217, R & SS L
Enacts the "New York state property taxpayers' protection act"; relates to limitations upon school district tax levies; requires the state to fund certain programs mandated for municipal corporations and school districts; requires the estimated cost of mandated expenditures and appropriations within the body of the bill; relates to the streamlining of planning and reporting requirements for school districts and boards of cooperative educational services; relates to the effectiveness of additional costs to school districts; relates to state payment of all optional medical assistance services and to the state reimbursement of county payments for medical assistance fraud, waste and abuse detection software; relates to the oversight of school district contracts and spending; establishes a municipal cooperation program; authorizes a county to enter into a cooperative agreement with school districts, towns and villages within such county to provide for health care benefits for their employees.
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