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A02859 Summary:

COSPNSRGottfried, Hoyt, Colton, Seddio
MLTSPNSRBrennan, DiNapoli, Galef, Heastie, Lopez, Ortiz, Peralta, Rivera P
Amd Lab L, generally; amd S225, Pub Health L; add SS51-a & 110-b, amd SS3, 120 & 201, Work Comp L
Enacts the farmworkers fair labor practices act: grants collective bargaining rights to farm laborers; requires employers of farm laborers to allow at least 24 consecutive hours of rest each week; provides for an 8 hour work day for farm laborers; requires overtime rate at one and one-half times normal rate; makes provisions of unemployment insurance law applicable to farm laborers; defines "work agreement" and mandates use thereof; provides sanitary code shall apply to all farm and food processing labor camps intended to house migrant workers, regardless of the number of occupants; provides for eligibility of farm laborers for workers' compensation benefits; requires employers of farm laborers to provide such farm laborers with claim forms for workers' compensation claims under certain conditions; requires reporting of injuries to employers of farmworkers.
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