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A06357 Summary:

SPONSORGottfried (MS)
COSPNSRLupardo, Cahill, Clark, Cymbrowitz, Dinowitz, Hevesi, Lavine, Paulin, Peoples-Stokes, Rosenthal, Titone, Arroyo, Bronson, Brook-Krasny, Cook, Crespo, DenDekker, Fahy, Jaffee, Kavanagh, Lifton, Otis, Rivera, Roberts, Skartados, Steck, Weprin, Zebrowski, Sepulveda, Katz, Miller, O'Donnell
MLTSPNSRAbinanti, Aubry, Braunstein, Brennan, Buchwald, Farrell, Galef, Glick, Hikind, Jacobs, Kellner, Magee, Markey, McDonald, Millman, Mosley, Moya, Perry, Pretlow, Robinson, Rodriguez, Scarborough, Schimel, Sweeney, Walter, Weisenberg, Wright
Add Art 33 Title 5-A SS3360 - 3369-e, amd S3371, Pub Health L; add Art 20-B SS490 & 491, amd S171-a, Tax L; add S89-h, St Fin L; amd S853, Gen Bus L; amd S221.00, add Art 179 SS179.00 - 179.15, Pen L; amd SS216.00 & 410.91, CP L
Relates to the medical use of marihuana; legalizes the possession, manufacture, use, delivery, transport or administration of medical marihuana by a designated caregiver for a certified medical use; prescribes procedures for such possession, acquisition, etc. including certification of patients by their practitioner, and that, in the practitioner's professional judgment, the patient would receive therapeutic or palliative benefit from use of medical marihuana.
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