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A06547 Summary:

SPONSORWeinstein (MS)
COSPNSRPaulin, Scarborough, Weprin
MLTSPNSRAbbate, Barrett, Brennan, Buchwald, Cook, Fahy, Gabryszak, Galef, Glick, Hikind, Jacobs, Jaffee, Magnarelli, Millman, Nolan, Otis, Perry, Rivera, Rosa, Rosenthal, Steck, Titone, Titus
Amd SS240 & 252, Dom Rel L; amd SS155, 168, 446, 551, 656, 759, 842, 846 & 1056, Fam Ct Act; amd SS140.10 & 530.12, CP L
Provides that communications or contact between protected parties with a party against whom an order of protection or temporary order of protection is issued shall not affect the validity of such order; requires notice thereof to be included in such orders; prohibits protected parties from being held to have violated an order of protection or a temporary order of protection.
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