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A07233 Summary:

COSPNSRGottfried, Camara, Rosenthal, Lafayette, Young, Benjamin, Espaillat
MLTSPNSRBoyland, Colton, Galef, Gordon D, John, Koon, Lopez V, Maisel, McEneny, Perry, Rivera J, Sweeney
Amd S3, Chap 80 of 2000; amd S6704, Ed L
Extends for one year the expiration provisions of law authorizing a one-time 3 year waiver of citizenship or permanent resident alien status for licensure as a veterinarian or veterinary technician; eliminates, for veterinarians, the requirement that there exists a shortage of qualified veterinarians and the licensee is working toward becoming a citizen or permanent resident alien in order to be granted such a waiver; requires a veterinarian granted such a waiver to have accepted an offer to practice veterinary medicine in a county certified to have a shortage of qualified applicants to fill vacancies in such county.
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