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A07329 Summary:

SPONSORWeinstein (MS)
COSPNSRRivera P, Pheffer, Eddington, Lifton, Rivera N
MLTSPNSRAbbate, Aubertine, Benedetto, Benjamin, Bing, Bradley, Cahill, Carrozza, Christensen, Clark, Colton, DelMonte, Fields, Galef, Glick, Gordon D, Gunther, Hoyt, Hyer-Spencer, Jaffee, John, Koon, Lafayette, Lancman, Lupardo, Magnarelli, Maisel, Markey, Mayersohn, Millman, Nolan, Paulin, Peoples, Perry, Ramos, Reilly, Rosenthal, Schimminger, Stirpe, Towns, Weisenberg
Amd S240, Dom Rel L; amd S651, Fam Ct Act; amd S422, Soc Serv L; amd S221-a, Exec L; amd S168-b, Cor L
Requires a court, prior to issuing any order of custody and/or visitation, to review child abuse and maltreatment, orders of protection, warrants of arrest and sex offender registries with regard to the party seeking custody and/or visitation; also requires disclosure of the results of such review to counsel for the parties.
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