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A08388 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Relates to certain taxes in the city of New York; makes technical corrections to a chapter of the laws of 2003 as proposed in S.1406-B and A.2106-B; extends until December 31, 2005 the expiration dates applicable to certain taxes imposed by the city of New York; imposes and sets forth the rate of personal income taxes; relates to the issuance of bonds or notes with variable rates of interest; sets interest rates for underpayments of city income and excise taxes; establishes an amnesty program authorizing the waiver of certain penalties and certain interest with respect to the payment of certain overdue tax liabilities; bars any civil, administrative or criminal proceeding relating thereto; establishes a hotel room occupancy tax amnesty program for small hotels authorizing the waiver of certain overdue tax liabilities, interest and penalties thereon; authorizes the public sale of taxicab licenses in the city of New York; increases the sales tax in such city; increases the aid for teachers of tomorrow recruitment and retention program from fifty to seventy percent of grant funds to be used for teacher recruitment, retention or certification costs; addresses the indebtedness of the Battery Park city authority; relates to members expense and income exclusions and add backs; relates to bonds of the state of New York municipal bond bank agency and the special school purpose bonds related thereto; provides for the continuation of the municipal assistance corporation for the city of New York; provides aid to the city of Buffalo; exempts from sales and compensating use taxes certain clothing and footwear; provides that the estimated tax on sale or transfer of real property by nonresidents shall not apply where the real property being sold or transferred is a principal residence of the seller or transferor within the meaning of section 121 of the Internal Revenue Code; relates to sales for off-premises consumption of liquor and/or wine; provides for the disbursement of revenue from and the conduct of video lottery; addresses the problem and compulsive gambling education, prevention and treatment fund; directs the commissioner of taxation and finance to promulgate rules and regulations necessary to implement the collection of excise taxes on retail sale items by native American nation or tribe lands; requires the alterations of existing buildings, seating stands and other structures, and the erection of new or additional buildings, seating stands or other structures to have the written approval, examination, inspection and issuance of a permit by the racing and wagering board; provides for the mandatory tire acceptance by any tire service until December 31, 2010; makes monies available to the financial assistance to business dry cleaner program for eligible dry cleaner businesses in certain counties; relates to services and expenses of existing family preservation centers; relates to certain payments for medical assistance; extends certain provisions relating to the general hospital inpatient reimbursement and tobacco control and insurance initiatives pool distribution; authorizes the commissioner of health to accept certain patient services payments and audit reports; establishes a quality incentive program; and relates to the community mental health support and workforce investment program.
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