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A08689 Summary:

SAME ASNo same as
SPONSORRules (Gottfried)
COSPNSREnglebright, Klein, Rivera P, Grannis, Ortiz, Seddio, Brennan, Glick, Nolan, Perry, Sanders,Stringer
Amd SS12, 2803-m 3602 & 3605, Art 28-D Titles I - IV SS2895 - 2898-a, Pub Health L; amd Soc ServL, generally; amd S404, rpld ô(t), N-PC L; add S72-b, Cor L; amd SS29.15 & 7.15, Ment Hyg L; addS91-f, St Fin L; add S75, Exec L
Relates to emergency investigations of the adult home industry, penalties for adult homes, enriched housing programs or residences for adults; establishes the adult home quality enhancement fund; establishes community housing waiting lists for adults within the office of mental health services; creates a temporary advisory council on adult home reform; requires every adult care facility to report every reportable incident to the department of health; requires the commissioner of health to undertake a study to evaluate the adequacy of and accountability for supplemental security income, medicaid and safety net assistance payments made to adult care facilities and to or on behalf of the residents of adult care facilities; further requires the commissioner of health to prepare a written report containing certain statistical information concerning adult care facilities.
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