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A08697 Summary:

SAME ASNo same as
COSPNSRSilver, Jaffee
Add Art 10 SS160 - 173, Pub Serv L; amd SS1014, 1020-c, 1020-s & 1005, ren SS1020-gg, 1020-hh & 1020-ii to be SS1020-hh, 1020-ii & 1020-jj, add S1020-gg, ub Auth L; add Art 6 SS6-101 - 6-104, Energy L; add S19-0312, En Con L; add S97-tt, St Fin L
Provides for the siting of major electric generating facilities; defines terms; requires a board certificate for the commencement and preparation of a site or the beginning of construction of a major electric generating facility; outlines the application for a certificate; makes related provisions relating thereto; establishes the state energy planning board; requires the state energy planning board to adopt a state energy plan; establishes the intervenor account in the state finance law.
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