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A08703 Summary:

COSPNSRJohn, Brodsky, Magnarelli, Nolan, Cahill, Weprin, Gottfried, Arroyo, Latimer, Schroeder, Peoples, Morelle, Gunther, DelMonte, Lancman, Fields, Rivera P, Espaillat, Millman, Jeffries, O'Donnell, Maisel, Boyland, Bradley, Stirpe, Englebright, Kavanagh, Kellner, Rabbitt, Colton, Rosenthal, Paulin, Young, Sweeney
MLTSPNSRBenjamin, Calhoun, Camara, Galef, Gianaris, Heastie, Jaffee, Koon, Pheffer, Ramos, Reilly, Saladino, Spano, Towns, Walker, Weisenberg, Zebrowski K
Amd Gen Muni L, generally; amd SS100 & 183, Ec Dev L; amd S220, Lab L; amd SS1963-a & 2315, Pub Auth L; amd S8, Chap 444 of 1997; amd S38, Chap 356 of 1993; amd S5, Chap 905 of 1986; amd S15, Chap 66 of 1994
Relates to the function of industrial development agencies; relates to the application and community impact report, financial assistance agreements, wages and standards, displaced worker protection, complaints and appeals, and reports by recipients; makes certain provisions of law permanent.
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