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A08903 Summary:

SAME ASSAME AS S50003, SAME AS S60403, SAME AS S65003, SAME AS S65109
COSPNSRNolan, Farrell, Towns, Lopez V, Pheffer, Benedetto, Hyer-Spencer
MLTSPNSRBenjamin, Bing, Carrozza, Clark, Cook, Cymbrowitz, Espaillat, Gianaris, Kellner, Lancman, Markey, Mayersohn, Meng, Ortiz, Peralta, Rivera P
Amd Ed L, generally; amd S19, Chap 738 of 1988; amd S1735, Pub Auth L; amd S34, Chap 91 of 2002
Relates to the reorganization of the New York city school construction authority, board of education and community boards.
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