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A09002 Summary:

SPONSORRules (Dinowitz)
COSPNSRAubertine, Reilly, John, Lentol, Lupardo, Latimer, O'Mara, Grannis, Hoyt, Pheffer, Benjamin,Sanders, Acampora, Alfano, Bacalles, Barclay, Barra, Barraga, Bing, Bradley, Brown, Burling,Butler, Calhoun, Canestrari, Carrozza, Casale, Conte, Crouch, Cusick, DelMonte, Destito,Eddington, Englebright, Errigo, Fields, Finch, Fitzpatrick, Galef, Gottfried, Gunther, Hayes,Hooker, Ignizio, Kirwan, Kolb, Koon, Lavelle, Lavine, Lifton, Magnarelli, Manning, McDonald,McDonough, Miller, Millman, Mirones, Mosiello, Nesbitt, Nolan, Oaks, O'Connell, Ortloff, Paulin,Quinn, Rabbitt, Raia, Ramos, Reilich, Saladino, Sayward, Schroeder, Scozzafava, Stephens, Tedisco,Thiele, Tokasz, Townsend, Walker, Weisenberg, Wirth, Zebrowski
Amd Pen L, generally; amd S700.05, CP L; amd S413, Soc Serv L; add SS221-c & 221-d, Exec L; addS209-dd, Gen Muni L; add S19.27, Ment Hyg L; add S3384, Pub Health L; amd S1602, CPLR
Establishes the criminal offenses of criminal possession of methamphetamine manufacturing material, criminal possession of precursors of methamphetamine, unlawful manufacture of methamphetamine and unlawful disposal of methamphetamine laboratory material; makes the theft of anhydrous ammonia or liquefied ammonia gas for the purpose of manufacturing methamphetamine the class E felony of grand larceny in the fourth degree; makes the possession of stolen anhydrous ammonia or liquefied ammonia for such purpose the class E felony of criminal possession of stolen property in the fourth degree; authorizes the issuance of an eavesdropping warrant for suspected commission of methamphetamine offenses; requires employers of employees required to report incidents of suspected child abuse or maltreatment to provide such employees with information on recognizing signs of unlawful methamphetamine laboratories; directs the division of state police to establish a statewide repository of data relating to unlawful methamphetamine laboratories to which law enforcement agencies shall report the discovery of such laboratories; requires all municipal emergency personnel to be provided with information on recognizing the signs of unlawful methamphetamine laboratories; provides that the office of alcoholism and substance abuse services shall be the principal source of information on methamphetamines; directs the department of health to establish a program to inform retailers of the methamphetamine problem in the state and to report certain information to the division of state police relating thereto; provides that a conviction of certain methamphetamine crimes shall make the limitations on joint liability inapplicable.
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