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A09558 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Relates to appropriations to the NYS prostate cancer research detection and education fund; office of professional medical conduct for activities of the patient health information and quality improvement act of 2000; patient health information; control of forged altered prescriptions; establishes quality of care improvement account; relates to EPIC; hospital payments and reimbursements from certain pool distributions; establishes long term care tax credit; establishes the long term care insurance education and outreach program; establishes long term studies; third party notification insurance carriers; requires a free look provision in individual long term care policies; adult homes, enriched housing program residences for adults and assisted living programs; discharge and conditional release of patients to the community; establishes the adult home quality enhancement fund; discharge of inmates to adult care facilities; tobacco control and insurance initiatives pool distributions; reimbursement of certain health care services; research and demonstration projects regarding reimbursement, delivery or eligibility for medical assistance and disease management demonstration programs; powers of the commissioner of health; assessments payable by residential health care facilities; community mental health support and workforce reinvestment program, membership of subcommittees and creates the community mental health workforce reinvestment account; review of rates of payments for services; methadone maintenance treatment services; and implements language qualifying appropriations made by the chapter of 2004 which enacts the health and mental hygiene budget.
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