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A02429 Summary:

SPONSORSchimminger (MS)
COSPNSRThiele, Barrett, Barron, Braunstein, Bronson, Cahill, Crouch, Benedetto, Lupardo, Hyndman, Jean-Pierre, Williams, Galef, Rozic, Abinanti, Miller MG, Dickens, Hevesi, Blake, Kolb, Lavine, Wright, Fahy, Cook, Hawley, Ra, Montesano, Blankenbush, Lawrence, Brabenec, Wallace
MLTSPNSRBarclay, Buchwald, Glick, McDonough, Pretlow, Simon, Walsh
Amd 438 & 433, Ec Dev L
Relates to reporting requirements for the START-UP NY program; requires an annual report be prepared and provided to the governor and the legislature including, but not limited to, the number of business applicants, number of businesses approved, benefits distributed and received and the number of net new jobs created per business including cumulative data that reflects the amount previously recorded and adjusted for net new jobs that have been lost.
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