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A03346 Summary:

COSPNSRSillitti, Dickens, Fahy, Clark, Hunter, Lavine, Seawright, Simon, Jackson, Rivera, McDonough, Morinello, Thiele, Burdick, Brown K, Stirpe, Gonzalez-Rojas, Durso, Otis, Brabenec, Manktelow, Angelino, Cook, Gunther, Stern, Jean-Pierre, DeStefano, Blankenbush, Ra, Fitzpatrick, Pheffer Amato, Anderson, Mikulin, Rosenthal L, Lupardo, Simpson, Epstein, Kelles, Jensen, Burgos, Jones, Steck, Zinerman, Cruz, Aubry, Cunningham, Hawley, Paulin, Barrett, Ramos, Gibbs, Jacobson, Dinowitz, Reyes, Conrad, Giglio JA, Maher, Blumencranz, Bores, Gandolfo, Shimsky, McDonald, Bronson, Darling, Bendett, De Los Santos, Woerner, Williams, Eachus, Pretlow, Alvarez, Davila, Benedetto, Smith, Meeks, Simone, Tapia, Buttenschon, Wallace, Ardila, Levenberg, Raga, Septimo, Colton, Lee, Gallahan, Flood, Weprin, Sayegh, Tannousis, Bichotte Hermelyn, Solages, Curran, Taylor, Burke, Slater
Amd §§240 & 70, add §240-e, Dom Rel L; amd §§1112, 651, 1114 & 249, Fam Ct Act; amd R5521, CPLR
Requires the court to consider a child's health and safety when making a decision regarding child custody and visitation; directs the court to review certain information as it relates to allegations of child abuse, domestic violence and child safety; requires the court to appoint an attorney to represent the child when credible allegations of serious risk to the child's safety have been made.
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