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A03386 Summary:

COSPNSRPaulin, Jean-Pierre, Hevesi, Bichotte Hermelyn, Burdick, Davila, Hyndman, Peoples-Stokes
Rpld §§230.00, 230.03 & 230.07, amd Pen L, generally; rpld §170.30 sub 4, amd CP L, generally; amd §6512, Ed L; add §4519-b, CPLR; amd §§532-d, 214-d & 841, Exec L; amd §650, County L; amd §39, Town L; amd §§447-a, 447-b, 483-aa, 483-bb & 483-ee, Soc Serv L; add §97-bbbb, St Fin L; amd §3-118, NYC Ad Cd; amd §§305.2, 344.4 & 712, Fam Ct Act; amd §353, Mult Dwell L; amd §2324-a, Pub Health L; amd §231, RP L; amd §715, RPAP L; amd §509-cc, V & T L
Relates to certain prostitution offenses and fines relating thereto; relates to motions to vacate judgment and motions for new sentencing; relates to investigation into acts alleged to be the unauthorized practice of massage therapy by potential victims of human trafficking; prohibits the possession of reproductive or sexual health devices from being permitted in specified criminal or civil proceedings as evidence of prostitution; relates to services for exploited individuals, services for victims of human trafficking and the interagency task force on human trafficking; establishes the victims of sexual exploitation fund; makes conforming changes; repeals provisions relating to prostitution, prostitution in a school zone, defense against patronizing a person for prostitution and a motion to dismiss information, simplified information, prosecutor's information or misdemeanor complaint.
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