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A03546 Summary:

COSPNSRHawley, Kolb, Johns, Malliotakis, Oaks, Walter, Lavine, Montesano, McDonough, Curran, Finch
MLTSPNSRArroyo, Barclay, Blankenbush, Butler, Crouch, DiPietro, Fitzpatrick, Garbarino, Giglio, Miller ML, Morinello, Palmesano, Ra, Stec, Thiele
Amd 10.00 & 60.05, add Art 280 280.00 - 280.10, 70.09, Pen L; amd 180.75, 220.10, 220.30 & 720.10, CP L
Defines the felonies of victimizing the elderly or physically disabled in the 3rd degree, 2nd degree and 1st degree and provides that a sentence of imprisonment must be imposed upon conviction of certain offenses against the elderly or physically disabled; provides that a juvenile offender shall include a person 14 or 15 years old who is criminally responsible for victimizing the elderly or physically disabled; includes within the category, "eligible youth" for youthful offender treatment, one who has been convicted of victimizing the elderly or the physically disabled in the 1st degree; provides certain plea restrictions and sentencing structure for persons convicted of such crimes.
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