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A04239 Summary:

SPONSORPalmesano (MS)
COSPNSRBlankenbush, DiPietro, Garbarino, Montesano, Zebrowski, Morinello, Brabenec, Byrne, Sayegh, DeStefano, Norris, Hawley, Mikulin, Smullen, Reilly, Tague, Salka, LiPetri, Manktelow
MLTSPNSRAshby, Barclay, Byrnes, Crouch, Finch, Friend, Giglio, Johns, Lawrence, Miller B, Miller ML, Walsh
Amd 606, Tax L; amd 9104 & 9105, Ins L; amd 401, 404-b & 404-f, V & T L; add 669-i, Ed L
Enacts the "omnibus emergency services volunteer incentive act" to provide benefits to volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers; increases the personal income tax deduction after four or more years of service; exempts motor vehicles used in the performance of such volunteers' duties from registration fees, use taxes and special fees for volunteer license plates; authorizes the provision of municipal health insurance coverage to such volunteers; establishes a volunteer recruitment service loan forgiveness program.
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