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A05949 Summary:

COSPNSRThiele, Colton, Rosenthal L, Burke, Simon, Simone, Kelles, Cruz, Gonzalez-Rojas, Pretlow, Epstein, Zaccaro, Fahy, Shimsky, Otis, Paulin, Glick, Alvarez, Shrestha, Levenberg, Septimo, Cook, Steck, Bores, McDonald, Dinowitz, Stirpe, Hevesi, Kim, Dickens, Benedetto, Rajkumar, Rivera, Williams, Conrad, Lunsford, Carroll, Taylor, Tapia, Cunningham, Fall, Davila, Bronson, Gibbs, Solages, Lucas, Jacobson, Sillitti, Eachus, Sayegh, Gallagher, Lee, Hunter, Aubry, Lavine, Burgos, Slater, Meeks, Jackson, Anderson, De Los Santos, Ramos, Raga, Santabarbara, Reyes, Rosenthal D, Mitaynes, Clark, Chandler-Waterman, Seawright, Zinerman, McMahon, Wallace, Walker, Flood, Pheffer Amato, Lupardo, Joyner, Zebrowski, Ra, Stern, Darling, Hyndman, Ardila, Weprin, Mamdani
Add §24-0513, En Con L
Prohibits the application of pesticides to certain local freshwater wetlands for local governments that have implemented a freshwater wetlands protection law; provides that any local law or ordinance adopted pursuant to this section shall take effect on the first day of January after it shall have been adopted.
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