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A08808 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state transportation, economic development and environmental conservation budget for the 2024-2025 state fiscal year; relates to the financing of mass transportation by certain municipal corporations (Part A); implements blue ribbon panel recommendations regarding fare and toll evasion providing for written warnings, increased penalties, exclusive of supplemental penalties, authority to forgive penalties, and to issue farecards (Part B); includes the intentional use of any toll highway, parkway, road, bridge or tunnel or any entry into or remaining in a tolled central business district without payment of the lawful toll or charge as a theft of service; relates to obstructed or obscured license plates, the penalty imposed upon the operator of a vehicle with an intentionally altered or obscured license plate while on a toll highway, bridge or tunnel or in a tolled central business district; authorizes law enforcement to confiscate any such license plate covering; allows the commissioner of motor vehicles to restrict registration transactions for vehicles with suspended or pending suspended registrations for failure to pay tolls unless sold to a bona fide purchaser; authorizes vehicle registration suspension for failure to comply with the removal of materials or substances altering or obscuring a license plate; authorizes public authorities with bridges, tunnels or highways under their jurisdiction to enter judgments for unpaid liabilities for a violation of toll collection regulations and enforce such judgments without court proceedings (Part C); relates to imposing certain penalties for fraudulently obtaining a credit, discount, or exemption from a central business district toll or a Triborough bridge and tunnel authority toll (Part D); provides for mass transportation payments to the Capital District Transportation District; adds Warren county to such district (Part E); extends provisions of law relating to the accident prevention course internet technology pilot program from April 1, 2024 until April 1, 2026 (Part F); extends certain provisions of law relating to certain motor vehicle transaction fees and costs of the department of motor vehicles (Part G); relates to establishing an online insurance verification system for motor vehicle insurance; repeals certain provisions relating to motor vehicle insurance and funds for a certain pilot database system (Part H); establishes speed limits in cities with populations in excess of one million people (Part I); extends provisions of law relating to motor vehicles equipped with autonomous vehicle technology (Part J); enacts the stretch limousine passenger safety act requiring the department of transportation to provide information regarding federal safety fitness standards for certain motor carriers; increases civil penalties for operation of a stretch limousine while the vehicle is under suspension; requires stretch limousine roll-over and anti-intrusion protection; requires window break tools and fire extinguishers for stretch limousines; provides for limousine age and mileage parameters; provides for pre-trip safety briefings for drivers of stretch limousines; clarifies provisions related to altered motor vehicles and for-hire motor vehicles (Part K); creates the waterfront commission act to provide oversight and ensure fair and nondiscriminatory hiring practices; eliminates labor racketeering and the victimization of legitimate union members and port businesses; defines terms; establishes the New York waterfront commission; outlines the general powers of such commission; designates the secretary of state as agent; provides for hearings, determinations, review and employment information centers; prohibits certain solicitations; repeals provisions relating to the waterfront employment and air freight industry regulation; makes related provisions (Part L); extends certain provisions relating to the clean energy resources development and incentives program (Part M); authorizes the New York state energy research and development authority to finance a portion of its research, development and demonstration, policy and planning, and Fuel NY program, as well as climate change related expenses of the department of environmental conservation from an assessment on gas and electric corporations; directs unused funds to be refunded on a pro-rata basis to such gas and electric corporations (Part N); transfers the functions of the office of renewable energy siting to the department of public service; accelerates the permitting of electric utility transmission facilities (Part O); aligns utility regulation with state greenhouse gas emission reduction targets (Part P); authorizes utility and cable television assessments that provide funds to the department of health from cable television assessment revenues and to the department of agriculture and markets, department of environmental conservation, department of state, and the office of parks, recreation and historic preservation from utility assessment revenues (Part Q); relates to fees for weighmaster applications (Part R); authorizes state assistance payments toward climate smart community projects of up to eighty percent to municipalities that meet criteria relating to financial hardship or disadvantaged communities (Part S); relates to air quality control program fees (Part T); authorizes the dormitory authority to provide additional services to state agencies and local governments for certain projects (Part U); extends provisions of law relating to the powers and duties of the dormitory authority to establish subsidiaries (Part V); relates to the Battery Park city authority's authorization to issue bonds and notes (Part W); increases the cap on grants to entrepreneurship assistance centers (Part X); extends provisions of law relating to participation by minority group members and women with respect to state contracts (Part Y); extends the authority of the New York state urban development corporation to administer the empire state economic development fund (Part Z); extends provisions of law relating to the powers of the New York state urban development corporation act to make loans (Part AA); extends provisions of the New York state health insurance continuation assistance demonstration project (Part BB); provides for the regulation of buy-now-pay-later lenders (Part CC); establishes requirements regarding supplemental spousal liability insurance (Part DD); provides that covered prescription insulin drugs shall not be subject to deductible, copayment, coinsurance or other cost sharing requirements (Part EE); relates to affordable housing underwriting and rating (Part FF); prohibits the sale of batteries for micromobility devices unless the lithium-ion battery or second-use lithium-ion battery has been certified and labeled by a nationally recognized testing and certification laboratory for compliance with any applicable underwriters laboratories standard or other safety standard approved by the department of state (Part GG); authorizes the superintendent of insurance to pay to the people of New York a penalty in a sum not exceeding two thousand dollars for each offense of willfully violating any mental health or substance use disorder provision of the insurance law (Part HH); relates to protecting eligible adults from financial exploitation by authorizing certain financial institutions to report such financial exploitation and place holds on accounts; requires social services officials to report financial exploitation to law enforcement and financial or banking institutions involved; expands the definition of "financial exploitation" (Part II); enacts the "Consumer Protection Act"; relates to standing for persons affected by prohibited or unlawful business practices; expands prohibited acts to include unfair, deceptive or abusive acts (Part JJ); extends certain provisions relating to permitting videoconferencing and remote participation in public meetings (Part KK); relates to reinsurance, credits for assessments paid; relates to credit relating to life and health insurance guaranty corporation assessments (Part LL); relates to artificial intelligence deceptive practices (Part MM); relates to rates for livery insurance (Part NN).
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