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A08861 Summary:

COSPNSRMcDonald, Miller MG, Sepulveda, Jaffee, Thiele, Ortiz, D'Urso, Fahy, Dinowitz, Nolan, Mayer, Skoufis, Hooper, Ra, Lawrence, Crouch, Montesano, Johns, Rosenthal D, Titone, Lupardo, Santabarbara, Dickens, Lavine, Paulin, Walter, Giglio, Raia, Errigo, Hyndman, Murray, Mosley, Gottfried, Simon, Blake, Miller B, Walsh, Pellegrino, Davila, Rivera, Cusick, Seawright, McDonough
MLTSPNSRBlankenbush, Byrne, Morinello
Amd 295, Exec L; add 33-a, Leg L
Requires the division of human rights to develop and implement a uniform sexual harassment policy for all state agencies, offices and departments, the executive department, and every member, officer or employee of the legislature; provides that such policy shall define the conduct which is prohibited, establish a process for the resolution of complaints of such conduct, and provide for appropriate training for all employees of state agencies, offices and departments, including the executive department, and officials, members or employees of the legislature.
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