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A10501 Summary:

SPONSORRules (Meeks)
COSPNSRO'Donnell, Jacobson, Simon, Otis, Dinowitz, Griffin, Burgos, McMahon, Burdick, Carroll, Glick, Walker, Lucas, Fernandez, Lavine, Zebrowski, Abinanti, Fahy, Ramos, Peoples-Stokes, Cymbrowitz, Darling, Galef, Bichotte Hermelyn, Solages, Barrett, Rosenthal L, Weprin
Add §70-c, Exec L; amd Part R §6, Chap 55 of 2020; amd §79-n, Civ Rts L
Establishes the task force on social media and violent extremism; requires the domestic terrorism task force report relating to enacting the "Josef Neumann Hate Crimes Domestic Terrorism Act" to be delivered to the attorney general; increases penalties of certain violations for bias-related violence and intimidation; includes a person who subjects a person to harassment or summons police officer or peace officer without reason to suspect a violation of the penal law, any other criminal conduct, or an imminent threat to a person or property, or who aids or incites any of those activities.
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