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A05338 Summary:

SAME ASNo same as
Rpld Art 22, S106 subs 6, 8 & 9, SS1306 & 2012, amd UJCA, generally; amd SS3-301, 4-410 & 5-524, Vil L; amd S849-i, Judy L; amd SS31, 69 & 116, Town L; rpld S99-k, amd SS99-l & 99-m, Gen Muni L; amd S99-a, St Fin L; amd S1803, V & T L; amd S45, Ag & Mkts L; amd SS71-0211, 71-0507 & 71-0521, En Con L; amd S52, Work Comp L; amd S27.13, Pks & Rec L; amd S201, Nav L
Relates to the justice court efficiency and modernization act, which strengthens the justice court system, creates a process for the limited sharing of justice courts and better supports local governments in their operation and administration of courts.
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