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A05502 Summary:

COSPNSRGottfried, Colton, Rosenthal, Miller M, Cymbrowitz, Moya, O'Donnell, Thiele, Galef, Castro, DenDekker, Benedetto, Gunther, Schroeder, Maisel, Spano, Schimel, Lopez V, Weisenberg, Lavine, Weprin, Englebright, Sweeney, Paulin, Dinowitz, Meng, Rodriguez, Hoyt, Gabryszak, Titone, Jaffee, Linares, Simotas, Clark, Boyland, Gibson, Millman
MLTSPNSRAbbate, Abinanti, Boyle, Burling, Calhoun, Castelli, Ceretto, Conte, Corwin, Crespo, Crouch, Curran, Duprey, Giglio, Graf, Hayes, Jacobs, Katz, Latimer, Lifton, Lopez P, Losquadro, Malliotakis, Miller J, Montesano, Murray, Palmesano, Peoples-Stokes, Perry, Ra, Raia, Rivera P, Roberts, Saladino, Sayward, Smardz, Tobacco
Amd SS3216, 3221 & 4303, Ins L
Prohibits health insurers from requiring the insured purchase prescribed drugs from a mail order pharmacy or pay a co-payment fee when such purchases are not made from a mail order pharmacy if a similar fee is not charged for drugs from a mail order pharmacy.
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