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A07868 Summary:

COSPNSRColton, Kavanagh, Jaffee, Magnarelli, DenDekker, Gabryszak, Corwin, Perry, Zebrowski, Weprin, Roberts, Camara, Dinowitz, Wright, Buchwald, Steck, Brindisi, Skoufis, Santabarbara, Barrett, Stirpe, Skartados, Malliotakis, Otis
MLTSPNSRArroyo, Barclay, Blankenbush, Butler, Cahill, Ceretto, Crouch, Duprey, Finch, Fitzpatrick, Giglio, Gunther, Hawley, Katz, Kolb, Magee, McDonough, McKevitt, Montesano, Ortiz, Palmesano, Peoples-Stokes, Raia, Robinson, Schimel, Sweeney, Tedisco, Thiele, Weisenberg
Amd Art 3 S14, Constn
Allows satisfaction of constitutional requirement that bills be on members desks prior to passage/voting by distribution of bills in electronically written form: provides that a bill shall be deemed to be printed and upon the desks of the members if: it is set forth in a legible electronic format by electronic means, and it is available for review in such format at the desks of the members; provides that "electronic means" means any method of transmission of information between computers or other machines designed for the purpose of sending and receiving such transmissions and which: allows the recipient to reproduce the information transmitted in a tangible medium of expression; and does not permit additions, deletions or other changes to be made without leaving an adequate record thereof.
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