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A09259 Summary:

SPONSORPeoples-Stokes (MS)
COSPNSRBichotte Hermelyn, Cook, Hyndman, Walker, Seawright, Meeks, Aubry, Darling
MLTSPNSRGalef, Simon
Add §314-a, amd §§311, 314 & 316, Exec L; add §97-k, St Fin L
Requires post completion certifications to be completed, under penalty of perjury, that the MWBE performed the work, performed the services, or delivered the materials; requires that the division of minority and women's business development create an internet registry, and perform inspections of MWBEs to weed out fraud and abuse; requires that additional regulations be adopted related to revocations of certifications for felony convictions for fraudulently misrepresenting the status of an MWBE; permits a court to issue fines double the amount that should have been paid to an MWBE upon conviction for felony fraud related to the MWBE program.
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