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A04327 Summary:

COSPNSRMillman, Cook, Gottfried, Weprin, Titone, Rosenthal, Ortiz, Brook-Krasny, Hevesi, Markey, Moya, Clark, Quart, Gjonaj, Kellner, Skoufis, Gabryszak, Miller, Aubry, Hennessey, McDonald, Crespo
MLTSPNSRArroyo, Benedetto, Boyland, Brennan, Camara, Colton, Cymbrowitz, DenDekker, Dinowitz, Kim, Lupardo, O'Donnell, Robinson, Schimel, Sepulveda, Stevenson, Thiele, Titus, Weinstein, Weisenberg
Amd V & T L, generally; amd S87, Pub Off L
Authorizes the city of New York to establish a demonstration program imposing liability on owners of motor vehicles found to be in violation of the speed limit in school speed zones of the city through the use of a speed limit photo device which combines speed sensing technology which determines the speed of a vehicle and captures/records that date by photographic, microphotographic, video tape or other recording system and produces an image of a motor vehicle at the moment that it exceeds the speed limit; provides for the expiration of this demonstration program five years after the effective date.
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