A04771 Summary:

COSPNSRFinch, Tenney, Lawrence
Add Art 25 Title 1-C SS2515-e - 2515-m, Pub Health L; add Art 10-D SS1097 - 1100, Fam Ct Act
Enacts the "family protection act"; requires informed consent by emancipated minors or the parent or guardian of an unemancipated minor prior to obtaining an abortion; defines terms; prohibits coercion of a minor female by a parent, guardian or other person to have an abortion; provides exemptions for emergency situations requiring an abortion; imposes penalties.
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A04771 Actions:

02/06/2015referred to health
01/06/2016referred to health
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A04771 Text:

                STATE OF NEW YORK
                               2015-2016 Regular Sessions
                   IN ASSEMBLY
                                    February 6, 2015
        Introduced  by  M. of A. CURRAN, FINCH -- Multi-Sponsored by -- M. of A.
          HAWLEY -- read once and referred to the Committee on Health
        AN ACT to amend the public health law  and  the  family  court  act,  in
          relation to enacting the "family protection act"
          The  People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assem-
        bly, do enact as follows:
     1    Section 1. This act shall be known and may be  cited  as  the  "family
     2  protection act".
     3    § 2. Legislative intent. 1. The legislature finds and declares that:
     4    (a)  it  is  the  intent  of  this legislature by enacting this act to
     5  further the important  and  compelling  state  interests  of  protecting
     6  minors  against their own immaturity, fostering the family structure and
     7  preserving it as a viable social unit, protecting the rights of  parents
     8  to  rear children who are members of their household, and protecting the
     9  health of minor children.
    10    (b) immature minors often lack  the  ability  to  make  fully-informed
    11  choices  that take account of both immediate and long-range consequences
    12  and that  the  medical,  emotional  and  psychological  consequences  of
    13  abortion  are  serious and can be lasting, particularly when the patient
    14  is immature. The capacity to become pregnant and the capacity for mature
    15  judgment concerning the  wisdom  of  an  abortion  are  not  necessarily
    16  related.  Parents  ordinarily  possess information essential to a physi-
    17  cian's exercise of his best medical judgment concerning the  child  and,
    18  further,  parents  who  are  aware  that their minor daughter has had an
    19  abortion may better ensure that she receives adequate medical  attention
    20  after  her  abortion.  The  legislature  concludes  then, that, parental
    21  consultation is usually desirable and in the best interest of the minor.
    22    (c) it is essential to the psychological and physical well-being of  a
    23  female  considering  an  abortion that she receive complete and accurate
    24  information on her alternatives. The knowledgeable exercise of a woman's
    25  decision to have an abortion depends on the extent to which  the  female
         EXPLANATION--Matter in italics (underscored) is new; matter in brackets
                              [ ] is old law to be omitted.

        A. 4771                             2
     1  receives  sufficient  information to make an informed choice between two
     2  alternatives: giving birth or having an abortion.
     3    (d)  over  eighty  percent  of  all abortions are performed in clinics
     4  devoted solely to providing abortions and family planning services. Most
     5  females who seek abortions at these facilities do not have any relation-
     6  ship with the physician who performs the abortion, before or  after  the
     7  procedure. They do not return to the facility for post-surgical care. In
     8  most  instances,  the  female's  only  actual contact with the physician
     9  occurs simultaneously with the abortion procedure, with little  opportu-
    10  nity to receive counseling concerning her decision.
    11    (e) the decision to abort is an important, and often stressful one and
    12  it  is  desirable  and imperative that it be made with full knowledge of
    13  its nature and consequences. The medical,  emotional  and  psychological
    14  consequences of an abortion are serious and can be lasting.
    15    (f)  abortion facilities or providers offer only limited and/or imper-
    16  sonal counseling opportunities. Many abortion  facilities  or  providers
    17  hire  untrained and unprofessional "counselors" whose primary goal is to
    18  sell abortion services.
    19    2. Based on the findings and declarations set forth in subdivision one
    20  of this section, it is the intent of this act to:
    21    (a) provide that pregnant minors have the benefit  of  parental  guid-
    22  ance;
    23    (b)  ensure that every female considering an abortion receive complete
    24  information on her alternatives and that every female submitting  to  an
    25  abortion  do  so only after giving her voluntary and informed consent to
    26  the abortion procedure;
    27    (c) protect unborn children from a  mother's  uninformed  decision  to
    28  have an abortion; and
    29    (d)  reduce  the  risk  that  a  mother may elect an abortion, only to
    30  discover later, with devastating psychological  consequences,  that  her
    31  decision was not fully informed.
    32    §  3.  Article  25 of the public health law is amended by adding a new
    33  title 1-C to read as follows:
    34                                  TITLE I-C
    35                            FAMILY PROTECTION ACT
    36  Section 2515-e. Definitions.
    37          2515-f. Consent concerning an abortion.
    38          2515-g. Limitations.
    39          2515-h. Coercion prohibited.
    40          2515-i. Informed consent requirement.
    41          2515-j. Publication of materials.
    42          2515-k. Emergency.
    43          2515-l. Penalties.
    44          2515-m. Anonymity.
    45    § 2515-e. Definitions. For the purposes of this section, the following
    46  terms shall have the following meanings:
    47    (a) "Abortion" means the use or prescription of any instrument,  medi-
    48  cine, drug or any other substance or device with the intent to terminate
    49  the pregnancy of a female known to be pregnant with intent other than to
    50  increase  probability of a live birth, to preserve the life or health of
    51  the child after live birth, or to remove a dead fetus.
    52    (b) "Attempt to perform an abortion" means an act  or  omission  of  a
    53  statutorily  required  act,  that,  under the circumstances as the actor
    54  believes them to be, constitutes a  substantial  step  in  a  course  of

        A. 4771                             3
     1  conduct  planned  to  culminate in the performance of an abortion in the
     2  state of New York in violation of this title.
     3    (c)  "Unemancipated minor" means a female who has not attained the age
     4  of eighteen years and is not an emancipated minor as defined in subdivi-
     5  sion (d) of this section.
     6    (d) "Emancipated minor" means a female who is  or  has  been  lawfully
     7  married  or  has  by  court order or otherwise been freed from the care,
     8  custody and control of her parents.
     9    (e) "Medical emergency" means any condition which, on the basis of the
    10  physician's good faith clinical judgment,  so  complicates  the  medical
    11  condition  of a pregnant female as to necessitate the immediate abortion
    12  of her pregnancy to avert her death or for which delay will create seri-
    13  ous risk of substantial or irreversible impairment  of  a  major  bodily
    14  function.
    15    (f)  "Parent"  means one parent of the pregnant female, or guardian or
    16  conservator if the pregnant female has one.
    17    (g) "Conception" means the fusion of a human spermatozoon with a human
    18  ovum.
    19    (h) "Gestational age" means the time that has elapsed since the  first
    20  day of a female's last menstrual period.
    21    (i) "Physician" means any person licensed to practice medicine in this
    22  state. The term includes medical doctors and doctors of osteopathy.
    23    (j)  "Pregnant" or "pregnancy" means the female reproductive condition
    24  of having an unborn child in the female's body.
    25    (k) "Agent" means an agent of the physician  who  is  a  psychologist,
    26  licensed  social  worker,  licensed  professional  counselor, registered
    27  nurse or physician.
    28    (l) "Unborn child" means the offspring of human beings from conception
    29  until birth.
    30    (m) "Viability" and "viable" means that  stage  in  fetal  development
    31  when  the life of the unborn child may be continued indefinitely outside
    32  the womb by natural or artificial life-supportive systems.
    33    (n) "Female" means any person of the female gender.
    34    § 2515-f. Consent concerning an abortion. No  person  shall  knowingly
    35  perform  an  abortion  upon  an unemancipated minor or upon a female for
    36  whom a guardian or conservator has been appointed because of  a  finding
    37  of  incompetency, unless the attending physician has secured the written
    38  consent of one parent or guardian or conservator if the pregnant  female
    39  has  one.   In obtaining the consent of the unemancipated minor's parent
    40  or the female's guardian or conservator, the physician shall provide the
    41  information and  materials  specified  in  section  twenty-five  hundred
    42  fifteen-i  of  this  title  and shall obtain from them the certification
    43  required by subdivision (c) of section twenty-five hundred fifteen-i  of
    44  this title.
    45    (a)  The  written consent shall be addressed to the parent or guardian
    46  at the usual place of abode of the  parent  or  guardian  and  delivered
    47  personally to the parent or guardian by the physician or an agent.
    48    (b)  In  lieu  of  the  delivery  required  by subdivision (a) of this
    49  section, notice shall be made by certified mail addressed to the  parent
    50  or  guardian  at the usual place of abode of the parent or guardian with
    51  return receipt requested with restricted delivery to the addressee. Time
    52  of delivery shall be deemed to occur at twelve o'clock noon on the third
    53  day after mailing.
    54    § 2515-g. Limitations. No consent shall be required under  this  title
    55  if:

        A. 4771                             4
     1    (a)  the attending physician certifies in the pregnant minor's medical
     2  record that the abortion is necessary to prevent the minor's  death  and
     3  there is insufficient time to obtain the required consent; or
     4    (b)  the  person  who is entitled to consent certifies in writing that
     5  he/she has consented; or
     6    (c) the minor elects not to obtain consent of her parent  or  guardian
     7  or  conservator  and  obtains  an  order issued by a judge of the family
     8  court as provided in article ten-D of the family court act,  or  by  any
     9  other  judge  or  justice  of this state having jurisdiction, dispensing
    10  with such consent.
    11    § 2515-h. Coercion prohibited. No parent,  guardian  or  other  person
    12  shall  coerce  any  female  to  undergo  an  abortion. Any female who is
    13  threatened with such coercion may apply to a court of  competent  juris-
    14  diction  for  relief. The court shall provide a minor with counsel, give
    15  the matter expedited consideration and  grant  such  relief  as  may  be
    16  necessary  to  prevent such coercion. Should a minor be denied financial
    17  support of her parents by reason of her refusal to undergo an  abortion,
    18  she  shall  be  considered  emancipated  for purposes of eligibility for
    19  assistance benefits.
    20    § 2515-i. Informed consent requirement. No abortion shall be performed
    21  or induced without the voluntary and informed consent of the female upon
    22  whom the abortion is to be performed or induced. Except in the case of a
    23  medical emergency, consent to an abortion is voluntary and  informed  if
    24  and only if:
    25    (a)  at  least  twenty-four hours prior to the abortion, the physician
    26  who is to perform the abortion or the referring physician  has  informed
    27  the female, by telephone or in person, of:
    28    1. the name of the physician who will perform the abortion;
    29    2.  the  nature of the proposed abortion method and of those risks and
    30  alternatives to the method that  a  reasonable  patient  would  consider
    31  material to the decision or whether or not to undergo the abortion;
    32    3.  the  probable  gestational age of the unborn child at the time the
    33  abortion is to be performed, and, if the unborn child is viable  or  has
    34  reached  the  gestational  age  of twenty-two weeks, that (i) the unborn
    35  child may be able to survive outside the womb; (ii) the  woman  has  the
    36  right to request the physician to use the form of treatment that is most
    37  likely to preserve the life of the unborn child; and (iii) if the unborn
    38  child is born alive, the attending physician has the legal obligation to
    39  take  all  reasonable steps necessary to maintain the life and health of
    40  the child;
    41    4. the probable anatomical and physiological  characteristics  of  the
    42  unborn child at the time the abortion is to be performed;
    43    5. the medical risks associated with carrying her child to term;
    44    6. the medical and psychological risks associated with abortion; and
    45    7.  any  need  for anti-Rh immune globulin therapy, if she is Rh nega-
    46  tive, the likely consequences of refusing such therapy and the  cost  of
    47  the therapy.
    48    The  information required by this subdivision may be provided by tele-
    49  phone without conducting a physical examination or tests of the patient,
    50  in which case the information required to be provided may  be  based  on
    51  facts  supplied  to the physician by the female and whatever other rele-
    52  vant information is reasonably available to the physician. It may not be
    53  provided by a tape recording, but shall be provided during  a  consulta-
    54  tion  in  which the physician is able to ask questions of the female and
    55  the female is able to ask questions of  the  physician.  If  a  physical
    56  examination,  tests,  or  the  availability  of other information to the

        A. 4771                             5
     1  physician subsequently indicates in the medical judgment of  the  physi-
     2  cian,  a revision of the information previously supplied to the patient,
     3  that revised information may be communicated to the patient at any  time
     4  prior to the performance of the abortion. Nothing in this section may be
     5  construed  to  preclude  provision of required information in a language
     6  understood by the patient through a translator.
     7    (b) at least twenty-four hours prior to the  abortion,  the  physician
     8  who  is to perform the abortion, the referring physician, or an agent of
     9  either physician shall inform the female, by  telephone  or  in  person,
    10  that:
    11    1.  medical  assistance  benefits  may be available for prenatal care,
    12  childbirth and neonatal care;
    13    2. the father of the unborn child is liable to assist in  the  support
    14  of  her child, even in the instances where he has offered to pay for the
    15  abortion.  In the case of forcible rape, this information may  be  omit-
    16  ted;
    17    3.  she has the right to review the printed materials published pursu-
    18  ant to section twenty-five hundred fifteen-j of this title.  The  physi-
    19  cian  or  physician's  agent shall orally inform the woman the materials
    20  have been provided by the state of New York and that they  describe  the
    21  unborn  child and list agencies which offer alternatives to abortion. If
    22  the female chooses to view the materials, they shall either be given  to
    23  her  at  least twenty-four hours before the abortion or mailed to her at
    24  least  seventy-two  hours  before  the  abortion  by   certified   mail,
    25  restricted  delivery  to  addressee.    The information required by this
    26  paragraph may be provided by a tape recording if the provision  is  made
    27  to  record  or  otherwise  register  whether  the woman does or does not
    28  choose to review the printed materials;
    29    4. the state encourages her to view an ultrasound image of her  unborn
    30  child  before she decides to have an abortion. If she chooses to view an
    31  ultrasound image of her unborn child, the physician who  is  to  perform
    32  the  abortion or the referring physician shall issue a medical order for
    33  the ultrasound service at any medical facility that provides  ultrasound
    34  imaging  services.  If the female does not have private health insurance
    35  coverage for the ultrasound service, she shall be presumptively eligible
    36  for medical assistance coverage for the ultrasound service;
    37    5. she is free to withhold or withdraw her consent to the abortion  at
    38  any  time  before  or  during an abortion without affecting her right to
    39  future care or treatment and without the loss of any state  or  federal-
    40  ly-funded benefits to which she might otherwise be entitled.
    41    (c)  the  female certifies in writing, prior to the abortion, that the
    42  information required to be provided under subdivisions (a)  and  (b)  of
    43  this section has been provided.
    44    (d)  prior to the performance of the abortion, the physician who is to
    45  perform the abortion or his agent receives a copy of the written certif-
    46  ication prescribed by subdivision (c) of this section.
    47    (e) the female is not required to pay  any  amount  for  the  abortion
    48  procedure until the twenty-four hour waiting period has expired.
    49    §  2515-j. Publication of materials. (a) The department shall cause to
    50  be published in English and Spanish, within one hundred two  days  after
    51  the  effective  date of this title, and shall update on an annual basis,
    52  the following easily comprehensible printed materials:
    53    1. geographically indexed materials designed to inform  the  woman  of
    54  public  and  private  agencies and services available to assist a female
    55  through pregnancy, upon childbirth and while  her  child  is  dependent,
    56  including  but  not  limited  to, adoption agencies. The materials shall

        A. 4771                             6
     1  include a comprehensive list of  the  agencies,  a  description  of  the
     2  services  they  offer,  and  the  telephone numbers and addresses of the
     3  agencies; and inform the woman about available medical assistance  bene-
     4  fits  for  prenatal  care,  childbirth,  and neonatal care and about the
     5  support obligations of the father of the child who is  born  alive.  The
     6  department shall ensure that the materials described in this section are
     7  comprehensive  and  do  not  directly  or indirectly promote, exclude or
     8  discourage the use of any agency or service described in  this  section.
     9  The  materials  should  also  contain a toll-free twenty-four hour a day
    10  telephone number which may be called to obtain, orally, such a list  and
    11  description  of  agencies  in  the  locality  of  the  caller and of the
    12  services they offer. The materials shall state that it is  unlawful  for
    13  any  individual  to  coerce  a  female to undergo an abortion,  that any
    14  physician who performs an abortion without her informed consent  may  be
    15  liable  to  her  for  damages  in a civil action at law and that the law
    16  permits adoptive parents to pay costs of prenatal care,  childbirth  and
    17  neonatal  care.  The  material  shall  include  the following statement:
    18  "There are many public and private agencies willing and able to help you
    19  to  carry your child to term, and to assist you  and  your  child  after
    20  your  child is born, whether you choose to keep your child or place your
    21  child for adoption. The state of New York strongly urges you to  contact
    22  them  before  making  a  final decision about abortion. The law requires
    23  that your physician or his agent give you the opportunity to call  agen-
    24  cies like these before you undergo an abortion."
    25    2.  materials  that inform the pregnant female of the probable anatom-
    26  ical and physiological characteristics of the unborn child  at  two-week
    27  gestational  increments  from  fertilization  to  full  term,  including
    28  pictures or drawings representing the development of unborn children  at
    29  two-week  gestational  increments,  and  any relevant information on the
    30  possibility of the unborn  child's  survival;  provided  that  any  such
    31  pictures  or  drawings  shall contain the dimensions of the unborn child
    32  and shall be realistic. The materials shall be  objective  and  nonjudg-
    33  mental and designed to convey only accurate scientific information about
    34  the  unborn  child  at  the various gestational ages. The material shall
    35  also contain objective information describing the  methods  of  abortion
    36  procedures commonly employed, the medical risks commonly associated with
    37  each  such  procedure,  and the medical risks associated with carrying a
    38  child to term.
    39    (b) The materials shall be printed in a typeface large  enough  to  be
    40  clearly legible.
    41    (c) The materials required under this section shall be available at no
    42  cost  from  the department upon request and in appropriate number to any
    43  person, facility or hospital.
    44    § 2515-k. Emergency. Where a medical emergency compels the performance
    45  of an abortion, the  physician  shall  inform  the  female,  before  the
    46  abortion,  of  the  medical  indications supporting his judgment that an
    47  abortion is necessary to avert her death or  to  avert  substantial  and
    48  irreversible impairment of a major bodily function.
    49    §  2515-l.  Penalties.  (a)  Any  person  who  knowingly or recklessly
    50  performs or attempts to perform an abortion in violation of  this  title
    51  shall  be  guilty  of a felony. No penalty shall be assessed against the
    52  female upon whom the abortion is performed or attempted to be performed.
    53  No penalty or civil liability shall be assessed for  failure  to  comply
    54  with  paragraph  three  of subdivision (b) or subdivision (c) of section
    55  twenty-five hundred fifteen-i of this title unless  the  department  has
    56  made  the  printed  materials available at the time the physician or the

        A. 4771                             7
     1  physician's agent is required to inform the woman of her right to review
     2  them.
     3    (b) In addition to whatever remedies are available under the common or
     4  statutory  law  of this state, any person upon whom an abortion has been
     5  performed without complying with  the  provisions  of  this  title,  the
     6  father  of  the unborn child who was the subject of such an abortion, or
     7  the grandparent of such an unborn child may maintain an  action  against
     8  the  person  who performed the abortion in knowing or reckless violation
     9  of this title for actual and punitive damages. Any person upon  whom  an
    10  abortion  has been attempted without complying with this title may main-
    11  tain an action against the person who attempted to perform the  abortion
    12  in  knowing  or reckless violation of this title for actual and punitive
    13  damages. If judgment is rendered in favor of the plaintiff in any action
    14  described in this section, the court shall also render  judgment  for  a
    15  reasonable  attorney's fee in favor of the plaintiff against the defend-
    16  ant. If judgment is rendered in favor of the  defendant  and  the  court
    17  finds  that the plaintiff's suit was frivolous and brought in bad faith,
    18  the court shall also render judgment for a reasonable attorney's fee  in
    19  favor of the defendant against the plaintiff.
    20    §  2515-m.  Anonymity. In every civil or criminal proceeding or action
    21  brought under this title, the court shall rule whether the anonymity  of
    22  any  female  upon whom an abortion has been performed or attempted shall
    23  be preserved from public disclosure if she does not give her consent  to
    24  such  disclosure.  The  court, upon motion sua sponte, shall make such a
    25  ruling and upon determining that  her  anonymity  should  be  preserved,
    26  shall  issue  orders  to their parties, witnesses, and counsel and shall
    27  direct the sealing of the record and exclusion of individuals  from  the
    28  courtrooms  or  hearing  rooms  to the extent necessary to safeguard her
    29  identity from public disclosure. Each such order shall be accompanied by
    30  specific written findings explaining why the  anonymity  of  the  female
    31  should  be  preserved from public disclosure, why the order is essential
    32  to that end, how the order is narrowly tailored to serve that  interest,
    33  and  why  no  reasonable  less  restrictive  alternative  exists. In the
    34  absence of written consent of the female upon whom an abortion has  been
    35  performed  or attempted, anyone, other than a public official who brings
    36  an action under subdivision (b) of section twenty-five hundred fifteen-l
    37  of this title shall do so under a pseudonym.
    38    § 4. The family court act is amended by adding a new article  10-D  to
    39  read as follows:
    40                                ARTICLE 10-D
    42                              PARENTAL CONSENT
    43  Section 1097. Purposes.
    44          1098. Definitions.
    45          1099. Jurisdiction.
    46          1100. Procedure.
    47    §  1097. Purposes. This article is intended to establish procedures to
    48  implement the provisions contained in title one-C of article twenty-five
    49  of the public health law.
    50    § 1098. Definitions. When used in  this  article,  the  term  abortion
    51  shall  have the same meanings as set forth in subdivision (a) of section
    52  twenty-five hundred fifteen-e of the public  health  law  and  the  term
    53  "mature  minor"  shall  mean  a  person under the age of eighteen who is
    54  unemancipated as that term is defined  in  subdivision  (c)  of  section
    55  twenty-five  hundred  fifteen-e of the public health law and who is able

        A. 4771                             8
     1  to make an informed, reasoned and considered judgment in connection with
     2  a decision whether or not to proceed with the abortion.
     3    §  1099.  Jurisdiction. The family court has exclusive original juris-
     4  diction over proceedings under this article to obtain an  order  waiving
     5  parental consent of an abortion.
     6    § 1100. Procedure. Notwithstanding any other provision of law:
     7    1.  the waiver of parental consent to an abortion upon or with respect
     8  to an unemancipated minor may be obtained by order of  a  judge  of  the
     9  family  court in the county where such person resides or if she is not a
    10  resident of this state in  the  county  where  the  abortion  is  to  be
    11  performed, on application by such person or by a relative of such person
    12  or other interested party.
    13    2.  such  court  proceedings  shall  be  commenced ex parte and may be
    14  commenced and continued without the payment of any fees. The court shall
    15  advise the minor that she has a right  to  court-appointed  counsel  and
    16  shall provide her with such counsel upon her request.
    17    3. such application shall be given immediate consideration and a hear-
    18  ing  shall  be held immediately at which the person upon or with respect
    19  to whom the abortion is to be performed  shall  be  present.  The  court
    20  shall  issue written and specific factual findings and legal conclusions
    21  supporting its decision and shall order that a  confidential  record  of
    22  the  evidence be maintained. All proceedings with respect to such appli-
    23  cation, including an appeal therefrom, shall protect  the  anonymity  of
    24  the minor. Such proceedings shall be sealed and no other person shall be
    25  allowed access to such sealed records except upon an order of a judge of
    26  the  court in which the application was processed or of a justice of the
    27  supreme court of the judicial district,  and  no  such  order  shall  be
    28  granted except for good cause shown.
    29    4. an order shall issue only upon a finding by the court (a) that such
    30  person  desires  to  submit  to  such  abortion; (b) that such person is
    31  either a mature minor or that such abortion is in the best  interest  of
    32  such  person; and (c) that a previous application for such order has not
    33  been made and denied upon the same grounds. If the court  so  finds  the
    34  order shall issue.
    35    5.  in  the  event  that  the court shall deny the application for the
    36  order, an expedited anonymous appeal shall be available to  such  appli-
    37  cant  to  the  appellate  division  of the supreme court of the judicial
    38  department in which the court which rendered the  decision  is  located.
    39  The  notice  of intent to appeal shall be filed within twenty-four hours
    40  from the date of issuance of the order. The record on  appeal  shall  be
    41  completed  and  the  appeal shall be perfected within five days from the
    42  filing of the notice to appeal. Because  time  may  be  of  the  essence
    43  regarding  the  performance of the abortion, the supreme court shall, by
    44  court rule, provide for expedited appellate  review  of  cases  appealed
    45  under this section.
    46    6.  the  office of court administration shall promulgate any rules and
    47  regulations necessary to ensure that proceedings under this section  are
    48  handled in an expeditious and anonymous matter.
    49    7.  the  supreme  court,  in  its discretion, may issue such other and
    50  further lawful orders as it deems necessary to protect such person.
    51    § 5. Severability. If any clause, sentence, paragraph, section or part
    52  of this act shall be adjudged by any court of competent jurisdiction  to
    53  be  invalid  and  after  exhaustion  of all further judicial review, the
    54  judgment shall not affect, impair or invalidate the  remainder  thereof,
    55  but  shall  be  confined in its operation to the clause, sentence, para-

        A. 4771                             9
     1  graph, section or part of this act directly involved in the  controversy
     2  in which the judgment shall have been rendered.
     3    §  6.  This  act shall take effect on the ninetieth day after it shall
     4  have become a law.
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