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A05128 Memo:

submitted in accordance with Assembly Rule III, Sec 1(f)
  TITLE OF BILL: An act to amend the highway law, in relation to desig- nating a portion of the state highway system as the "Shirley Chisholm Parkway"   PURPOSE: To rename the Eastern Parkway in honor of Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm.   SUMMARY OF PROVISIONS: Section 1 The highway law is amended by adding a new section 343-dd. Section 2 The commissioner of transportation shall provide for the installation and maintenance of adequate signing of the state highway system as designated pursuant to section one of this act. It will be of ceremonial nature and the official name of such highway shell not be changed as a result of this act.   JUSTIFICATION: Shirley Chisholm was the first African American woman elected to Congress and one of the founding members of the Black Caucus. She served seven terms in the U.S. House of Representatives, as well as two terms in the New York State Assembly prior to her Congressional victory. During her tenure in Congress, Ms. Chisholm worked tirelessly to improve the lives of her constituents, including issues of inner city blight, minimum wage for domestic workers, and access to quality education. She was also the first African American woman to run for the office of Pres- ident of the United States, inspiring generations of children who never dreamed that such opportunities may exist for them. After retiring from Congress in 1982, Ms. Chisholm spent the next four years as an educator, teaching at Mount Holyoke College and Spelman College. Her involvement in politics did not cease, as she was one of fifteen influential members of the African-American Women for Reproduc- tive Freedom, formed in 1990. Ms. Chisholm wrote two books during her lifetime and a biographical documentary film, Chisholm '72: Unbought & Unbossed, premiered on PBS in 2005. In 1993, Ms. Chisholm was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame. Shirley Chisholm's legacy may be most noted for her historic and unprecedented Congressional career, but her contributions were not limited to her time in public office. Ms. Chisholm was an author, an educator, a stalwart supporter of civil rights, and defender of the working class. She will forever serve not only as a role model, but as a symbol of tireless devotion to justice. Eastern Parkway, the world's first parkway, runs through Shirley Chisholm's l2th District. We intend to honor the memory and achievements of a woman who was both accomplished and dedicated co the people that she represented.   LEGISLATIVE HISTORY: This is a new bill.   FISCAL IMPLICATION: None.   EFFECTIVE DATE: Immediately.
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