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K00561 Text:

Assembly Resolution No. 561
BY: M. of A. McDonald
        COMMEMORATING  the  75th Anniversary of the Polish
        American Congress
  WHEREAS, It is the custom of this Legislative Body, in keeping  with
its  time-honored  traditions,  to  recognize  and  pay tribute to those
organizations which foster ethnic  pride  and  enhance  the  profile  of
cultural  diversity  which  strengthens the fabric of the communities of
New York State; and
  WHEREAS, Attendant to such concern, and  in  full  accord  with  its
long-standing  traditions,  this  Legislative  Body  is  justly proud to
commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Polish American Congress; and
  WHEREAS, The Polish American Congress (PAC) is a nationwide umbrella
organization representing  thousands  of  Polish-American  organizations
including  fraternal,  educational,  veteran, business groups, churches,
leaders of the Polish clergy, Polish-American press,  social  clubs  and
benefit  societies  such as the Polish National Alliance, Polish Women's
Alliance, Polish Roman Catholic Union, Polish  Falcons  of  America,  as
well as individual and student membership; and
  WHEREAS, Divisions are represented in many states, including Central
Division  of New York from Albany to Utica; Western Division in Buffalo,
as well as Long Island and New York City; and
  WHEREAS, The PAC promotes civic and educational programs designed to
further the knowledge of Polish history, language and culture,  as  well
as  to  stimulate  Polish-American  involvement and accomplishments; its
Charitable  Foundation  administers  educational  scholarships   through
various trusts and estates; and
  WHEREAS,   The   PAC   was  founded  in  May  of  1944,  when  2,500
Polish-Americans convened in Buffalo to develop the  organization  as  a
result  of  Poland  having  been  invaded by Nazi Germany and the Soviet
Union, initiating World War II; following the ending of the war in 1945,
the PAC continued its support for a free Poland and oversaw donations of
medical supplies, food and non-perishable items which were sent  to  the
battle worn country; and
  WHEREAS,  In 1946, a delegation of PAC officers travelled to Germany
and France to observe the conditions of thousands  of  Polish  displaced
persons,  and  successfully  lobbied  for  legislation  which led to the
admission of more than 100,000 war victims and veterans of Polish  Armed
Forces  to  the  United  States;  the  PAC  then  played a major role in
resettling the survivors; and
  WHEREAS, The formation of the Solidarity Trade Union  in  Poland  in
1980,  at  a  time  of extreme economic and political crisis, brought an
immediate  endorsement  for  its  cause,  and  the  PAC   supported   it
wholeheartedly  by  sponsoring efforts to raise money and materials; the
Charitable Foundation initiated a drive  of  delivering  medical  goods,
infant  foods,  clothing, shoes, farm equipment and seeds to Poland with
the cooperation of the Roman Catholic Church in Poland; and
  WHEREAS, Once Democracy was restored after the collapse of communism
in  1989,  the  PAC  continued  its  support  of Poland resulting in its
admittance into NATO in 1999; and
  WHEREAS, After the terrorist attack in New York  City  on  September
11,   2001,  the  Charitable  Foundation  raised  significant  funds  to
distribute to the Fire and Police Fund; and
  WHEREAS, The PAC is rightfully proud of its many  millions  of  sons
and  daughters  who  emigrated  to  the United States to build their own
lives, as well as contributing to the growth  of  a  great  America  and
cooperates  with  organizations of other ethnic and cultural communities
in promoting the principles of mutual respect; and
  WHEREAS, Following its creed, "For Our Freedom and Yours,"  the  PAC
remains  faithful to its 75 years of traditions in representing millions
within the Polish American Community; and
  WHEREAS, It  is  the  sense  of  this  Legislative  Body  that  when
organizations  of such noble aims and accomplishments are brought to our
attention, they should be celebrated and recognized by all the  citizens
of this great Empire State; now, therefore, be it
  RESOLVED,  That  this Legislative Body pause in its deliberations to
commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Polish American Congress; and be
it further
  RESOLVED, That a copy of this  Resolution,  suitably  engrossed,  be
transmitted  to  the  Polish  American Congress, Central Division of New
York State.
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