K01202 Summary:

MLTSPNSRBarrett, Brindisi, Crespo, Davila, Farrell, Galef, Glick, Gottfried, Gunther, Jacobs, Kim, Markey, Mosley, Ortiz, Palumbo, Perry, Raia, Rivera, Saladino, Scarborough, Schimel, Sepulveda, Skoufis, Steck, Titone, Titus, Weprin, Wright
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K01202 Actions:

05/13/2014referred to tourism, parks, arts and sports development
05/19/2014reported referred to rules
05/19/2014reported to calendar for consideration
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K01202 Memo:

Memo not available
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K01202 Text:

Senate Resolution No. 5966
BY: Senator PARKER
        CONDEMNING   the   promotion   and   marketing  of
        dictionary-defined racial slurs as mascots
  WHEREAS, Students in Cooperstown, New York, recently declared racial
slurs should not be used as team  names  and  consequently  worked  with
their  school  board  to  stop  using the dictionary-defined racial slur
"redskin" as their team's name; and
  WHEREAS, Other school boards and city  councils  across  the  United
States  have followed Cooperstown students' example and taken actions to
stop using the same dictionary-defined racial slur as a team name; and
  WHEREAS, The National Collegiate  Athletic  Association  (NCAA)  has
worked to halt the use of dictionary-defined racial slurs as team names;
  WHEREAS,  The  United  States Government, through the Patent Office,
has identified "redskin" as "a derogatory slang term"; and
  WHEREAS, In addition, members of  Congress,  religious  leaders  and
sports  icons  have  spoken  out  against  the use of dictionary-defined
racial slurs as team names; and
  WHEREAS, Decades of social science research documents  the  negative
psychological,   cultural  and  public  health  effects  of  the  public
promotion of dictionary-defined racial slurs by sports teams; and
  WHEREAS, This Legislative Body supports the equal treatment  of  all
the   people   of   New   York   State   and   discourages  the  use  of
dictionary-defined racial slurs as school mascots; now, therefore, be it
  RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause in its deliberations  to,
out of respect for the diverse heritage of the United States of America,
urge  owners of professional sports franchises to follow the lead of the
Cooperstown  students  and  condemn  the  promotion  and  marketing   of
dictionary-defined  racial slurs, and schools refrain from using them as
names for mascots.
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