S00767 Summary:

Amd §110, V & T L
Redefines the term "crosswalk" to include an unmarked portion of the roadway between opposite sides of the street or highway where there is no marked crosswalk.
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There are no votes for this bill in this legislative session.
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S00767 Text:

                STATE OF NEW YORK
                               2021-2022 Regular Sessions
                    IN SENATE
                                     January 6, 2021
        Introduced by Sen. GOUNARDES -- read twice and ordered printed, and when
          printed to be committed to the Committee on Transportation
        AN  ACT  to amend the vehicle and traffic law, in relation to redefining
          the term "crosswalk" to include an unmarked portion of the roadway

          The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and  Assem-
        bly, do enact as follows:
     1    Section  1.  Section  110 of the vehicle and traffic law is amended by
     2  adding a new subdivision (c) to read as follows:
     3    (c) Where no marked crosswalk exists, a crosswalk is that  portion  of
     4  the roadway described in the following:
     5    1.  Where  a  sidewalk,  shoulder  or  a combination thereof exists, a
     6  crosswalk is the portion of a roadway at an intersection, not more  than
     7  twenty  feet  in  width as measured from the prolongation of the lateral
     8  line of a roadway toward the prolongation of the adjacent property line,
     9  that is included within:
    10    a. the connection of the lateral lines of the sidewalks, shoulders  or
    11  a  combination  thereof on opposite sides of the street or highway meas-
    12  ured from the curbs, or in the absence of curbs, from the edges  of  the
    13  traveled roadway; or
    14    b.  the  prolongation  of the lateral lines of a sidewalk, shoulder or
    15  both, to the sidewalk or shoulder on the opposite side of the street, if
    16  the prolongation would meet such sidewalk or shoulder.
    17    2. If there is neither a sidewalk or a shoulder, a  crosswalk  is  the
    18  portion  of  the  roadway at an intersection measuring not less than six
    19  feet in width that would be included  within  the  prolongation  of  the
    20  lateral  lines of the sidewalk, shoulder or both on the opposite side of
    21  the street or highway if there were a sidewalk.
    22    § 2. This act shall take effect immediately.
         EXPLANATION--Matter in italics (underscored) is new; matter in brackets
                              [ ] is old law to be omitted.
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