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Senate Resolution No. 3206
BY: Senator PARKER
        DECLARING  racism  a  public  health  crisis,  and
        asking Governor  Andrew  M.  Cuomo  to  establish  a
        working  group to promote racial equity in the State
        of New York
  WHEREAS,  The  American  Medical  Association  states  that   racism
contributes to health inequities in the United States; and
  WHEREAS,  Social  determinants  of  health,  the social and material
factors that influence health outcomes, have a lifelong impact beginning
even before birth; and
  WHEREAS, The American Public Health Association (APHA) has expressed
that racism is a driving force of the social determinants of health  due
to  the  resulting  inequalities  in several matters, including housing,
education, and employment; and
  WHEREAS, The APHA clarifies that racism  is  a  social  system  with
multiple dimensions: individual racism is internalized or interpersonal;
systemic  racism  is  institutional  or  structural,  and is a system of
structuring  opportunity  and  assigning  value  based  on  the   social
interpretation of how one looks; and
  WHEREAS, This system unfairly disadvantages specific individuals and
communities,  while  unfairly giving advantages to other individuals and
communities, and saps the strength of  the  whole  society  through  the
waste of human resources; and
  WHEREAS,   Almost   all  four  hundred  years  of  black  Americans'
experience was under slavery and Jim Crow laws,  which  subjected  black
people to hardship and disadvantage in all areas of life; and
  WHEREAS,  The  American  Anthropological  Association  asserts  that
genetic analyses show race to  be  a  social  construct  not  rooted  in
meaningful biological difference; and
  WHEREAS,  There  is  clear  data  that racism negatively impacts the
lives of people of color in New York; and
  WHEREAS, The American Psychological Association says  that,  because
of  poverty and discrimination, racial minority children are more likely
to experience traumatic events than white children, and  that  childhood
trauma has negative impacts on academic, behavioral, and physical health
outcomes; and
  WHEREAS, Statistics compiled by the Centers for Disease Control show
a national disparity between black and white infant mortality rates; and
  WHEREAS, Data collected reveals that maternal mortality is two and a
half times greater for black women than white women and that black women
are  significantly  more likely to experience severe maternal morbidity,
which includes unexpected outcomes of pregnancy, labor, or delivery that
result in significant short- or  long-term  consequences  to  a  woman's
health; and
  WHEREAS,  The  APHA  has  identified  law  enforcement violence as a
public health issue that disproportionately affects marginalized groups,
including people of color, impacting both  physical  and  mental  health
outcomes; and
  WHEREAS,  The impact of racism on public health deserves action from
all levels of government; and
  WHEREAS, This Legislative  Body  supports  the  establishment  of  a
working  group  to  address  these  issues  and  to:  create  a publicly
accessible glossary of  terms  and  definitions  concerning  racism  and
health  equity;  promote  community  engagement  and  provide  tools for
government  agencies  to  engage   actively   and   authentically   with
communities   of  color;  continue  to  work  to  build  alliances  with
organizations that have a legacy and track record of confronting racism;
encourage  community  partners  and  stakeholders  in   the   education,
employment, housing, and criminal justice and safety arenas to recognize
racism  as  a public health crisis and take appropriate action; continue
to promote racially equitable economic and workforce development in  New
York; continue to promote racially equitable hiring and promotion of all
employees  including  state  employees;  provide training to all elected
officials, staff, funders, and grantees on workplace biases and  how  to
mitigate  them;  promote  and encourage all policies that prioritize the
health of people of color; support local, state, regional,  and  federal
initiatives  that  advance  efforts  to  dismantle systematic racism and
mitigate  exposure  to  adverse  childhood   experiences   and   trauma;
incorporate  educational  efforts to address and dismantle racism and to
expand understanding of racism and how  racism  affects  individual  and
population   health;  and  secure  adequate  resources  to  successfully
accomplish the aforementioned activities; now, therefore, be it
  RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause in its  deliberations  to
declare  racism to be a public health crisis affecting our entire State;
and be it further
  RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pauses further to ask  Governor
Andrew  M.  Cuomo  to establish a working group to promote racial equity
throughout the State of New York; and be it further
  RESOLVED, That the members of this Legislative Body are committed to
reviewing all portions of the Revised Code with a  racial  equity  lens,
and   conducting   all  human  resource,  vendor  selection,  and  grant
management activities with a racial equity lens, including reviewing all
internal policies and practices such as  hiring,  promotion,  leadership
appointments, and funding; and be it further
  RESOLVED,  That  a  copy  of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be
transmitted to The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor of the  State  of
New York.
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