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A07615 Summary:

SPONSORRosenthal L
COSPNSRColton, Sepulveda, Paulin, Arroyo, Barron, Carroll, Brindisi, Mayer, Steck, Hooper, Walker, Ramos, Abinanti, Hyndman, Jean-Pierre, Dickens, Peoples-Stokes, Seawright, Ryan, Ortiz, De La Rosa, Fahy, Benedetto, Glick, Perry, D'Urso, Raia, Garbarino, Dinowitz, Richardson, Otis, Gottfried, Rozic, Cusick, Simon, Woerner, Mosley, Buchwald, Wallace, Aubry, Skoufis, Pellegrino, Bichotte, Quart, Galef, Stirpe, Lupardo, Crespo, Santabarbara, Murray, Williams, Miller ML, Weprin, Miller B, Taylor, Norris, Davila, Epstein
MLTSPNSREnglebright, Hevesi, Lentol, McDonough, Rodriguez, Skartados, Thiele, Titone, Wright
Add Art 21 §§770 - 775, Lab L
Enacts the "save New York call center jobs act"; requires prior notice of relocation of call center jobs from New York to a foreign country; directs the commissioner of labor to maintain a list of employers who move call center jobs; prohibits loans or grants.
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