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K01069 Summary:

MLTSPNSRAnderson, Cunningham, Gibbs, Griffin, Hyndman, Santabarbara, Solages, Taylor, Vanel, Walker, Zinerman
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K01069 Text:

Assembly Resolution No. 1069
BY: M. of A. Peoples-Stokes
        COMMEMORATING  the  observance  of  the 2nd Annual
        Juneteenth Day in the State of New York, on June 19,
  WHEREAS, Juneteenth (short  for  "June  nineteenth")  is  a  holiday
commemorating this day, which marked the effective end of slavery in the
United States in the year of 1865 in Galveston, Texas; and
  WHEREAS,  On  that  day,  one  of General Granger's first orders was
Order No.  3 which was read aloud to the people  of  Texas  and  stated:
"The people of Texas are informed that in accordance with a Proclamation
from  the  Executive  of  the  United  States, all slaves are free. This
involves an absolute equity of rights and  rights  of  property  between
masters  and  former  slaves,  and  the  connection  heretofore existing
between them becomes that between employer and free laborer."; and
  WHEREAS, The celebration of  Juneteenth  allowed  freed  slaves  and
their descendants to recount the memories of that great day in 1865 when
freedom  was proclaimed, and also served as a release from the pressures
of settling into new territories; and
  WHEREAS, While Juneteenth is a time for celebration, it  is  also  a
time   for  reflection,  education,  and  self-improvement;  celebration
participants listen to elders recount the past, attend prayer  services,
and learn from educational speakers; and
  WHEREAS,  Juneteenth  today  celebrates African American freedom and
achievements while encouraging continuous self-development  and  respect
for all cultures; and
  WHEREAS,  It  takes  on  a  more national, symbolic, and even global
perspective, the events of 1865 in Texas are not forgotten  for  all  of
the  roots  tie  back  to this fertile soil from which a national day of
pride is growing; and
  WHEREAS, In 1980,  the  State  of  Texas  was  the  first  state  to
recognize  Juneteenth  as an official state holiday, through the efforts
of Al Edwards, an African American State Legislator; and
  WHEREAS, In 1997,  Congress  recognized  June  19th  as  "Juneteenth
Independence Day"; and
  WHEREAS,  National  Juneteenth  Observance  Foundation,  founded and
chaired by the Reverend Ronald Meyers, is committed to making Juneteenth
a federal holiday on a par with Flag and Patriot days; and
  WHEREAS, Juneteenth looks bright as the number of cities and  states
creating Juneteenth committees continues to increase; and
  WHEREAS,  46  states recognize Juneteenth and the states that do not
are Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota; and
  WHEREAS, Cities in New York that have  had  Juneteenth  celebrations
include:   Albany,  Binghamton,  Bronx,  Brooklyn,  Buffalo,  Rochester,
Schenectady, Syracuse, Yonkers, etc.; now, therefore, be it
  RESOLVED,  That  this  Legislative  Body  pause in its deliberations
commemorate the observance of the 2nd Annual Juneteenth Day in the State
of New York, on June 19, 2022; and be it further
  RESOLVED, That a copy of this  Resolution,  suitably  engrossed,  be
transmitted  to  New  York  Black,  Puerto  Rican,  Hispanic  and  Asian
Legislative Caucus.
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